Monday, May 13, 2013


Music, like food and wine, is all about pairings. Combine Seattle's Constant Lovers hard hitting, rough-hewn rawk with sweat, a little bit of an ornery mood and a dose of caffeine, and you'll be kicking up your feet and working out those kinks in no time.

Seattle blog Sound on the Sound (get what they did there?) called Constant Lovers' True Romance "one of the best albums of 2011," with one of the creepiest covers, to boot, an instantly memorable piece of art depicting a finger stuck through a stick of butter.

Constant Lovers went through some changes last year when drummer Mike Horgan moved to Chicago. (A Stranger blog poll tried to guess who would replace him, and a cat nearly won,) They come to Total Fest this year with Helms Alee's Ben Verellen on drums, along with Joel Cuplin, Eric Fisher, Gavin Tull-esterbrook. Check 'em out on Good to Die records.

Listen to Constant Lovers here.

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