Monday, May 13, 2013


If you were lucky enough to catch Brain Tumors at last year's Total Fest, then you know the chaos that this four-piece throws at you. Brain Tumors rages through some of the brashest, venomous, feedback-riddled, ass-kicking hardcore to come out in the past few years. Another band that calls Minneapolis home (what's up with the Twin Cities?), they (Drew Ailes, Patrick Dillon, Joel Gomez, and Dan Johnson) direct all of their pissed-off, sarcastic, loud, unrelenting, primal energy at everything they encounter.

That's enough, for me.

But, they don't stop there. They're straight-up performers (which sounds like a slight, but it's not). They seriously do not give a shit - everything, including themselves, is fair game. Take a glance at the tour blog, Hardly Human. It's hilarious from top to bottom, with nothing (bands, labels, bars, people, parking lots, water fountains, food, dogs, etc.) escaping Drew's scathing eye. In spite of things getting under their collective skin, Brain Tumors maintain a tongue-in cheek attitude that helps keep them fresh and entertaining. It's awesome loud, pounding stuff that doesn't allow you to be comfortable, but it also doesn't allow you to take your angst too seriously. Sure, the world is a complete mess, but walking around pissed off gets you nowhere. If you can't take the time to laugh at yourself, then you have no right to the mantra "Fuck YouForever."

Here's a live set, clocking in at 6:39:

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