Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Being a drone/doom band from Iowa sorta makes a whole lot of sense. The subtleties of the vast rural landscape, the hum of cattle feed yards, agricultural machinery and wind energy production, the long, harsh quiet winters and long humid summers (and the cicadas, too).

We're proud to announce that Iowa's Aseethe will be joining the line-up for this year's Total Fest. Forged in Iowa City, duo Brian Barr and Eric Diercks (sometimes joined by a third player) create a sprawling haze of drone, doom metal and ambiance doused with sparse, howling vocals, electronics, guitar buzz and occasional hints of melody. Drombiance. Sounds like a sleeping pill or something, right?

Those of you locals who didn't have a chance to witness Aseethe lay waste to Missoula when they stopped through last spring are in for an epic, head-bobbing experience of doomy indulgence (ear protection not included). Since they came through Missoula they've kept busy with the release of their single song Red Horizon EP (a reworked cover of a track from fellow drone folk Barn Owl) and are currently working on their next full length, which should be out by fest time. Their first album Reverent Burden is an excellent placeholder while you wait. This and their other recorded output can be streamed and/or downloaded on their Bandcamp page.


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