Thursday, May 23, 2013


I can't lie. The twelve year old in me loves Gay Witch Abortion. The name alone is enough to furrow eyebrows, curl lips, raise blood pressure, get you sent home from school or inspire a rogue group of grandparents to rip stickers off of every skateboard and electrical box across the country.

Yep. Making people uncomfortable is awesome.

It's not all surface antics for Jesse and Shawn. While the novelty of the name allows you to feel like you're getting away with something, the noise furnace they generate between the spastic drums, cheek-gnashing guitar and oddly rhythmic vocals pummel you to delirium. In a good way. There's plenty of fist pumping groove rock going on, but the hardcore influence and out-of-left-field changes keep you reeling. They're unbridled and wonderfully choreographed. Each album / recording points toward an evolution that may just signal the creation of a new dimension. I'm prone to exaggeration. I know this. In my opinion, Gay Witch Abortion is one of the top 5 bands out there. They're tireless in their execution, ruthless in their song writing, and merciless when it comes to your ear drums, headphones, or speakers. They were one of my tops at Total Fest last year, and the records that they've put out since then land squarely in my tops of the year. (I don't publish these lists, but I do talk about them).

Plus, they're totally cool dudes. Seriously chill, unassuming, and funny. It's hard to reconcile. In a flurry of sound, GWA punches you in the stomach and face, bites your ear, takes your beer money, and probably pants you in the process. Shawn and Jesse smile and say thanks. Some people may not be so happy with the increased vocals, but I dig it. It adds another layer to an already complex sound, pushing the hypnotic drones into more hyper explosions and chaos. Somehow it's more expansive and unbounded, but it never loses focus.

Tunes and such can be found at the bandcamp link above, as well as on Learning Curve & AmRep. Give the Held Hostage Rsd Compilation a listen while you're at it.

We're damn pleased to welcome them back for this year. Don't miss them!

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