Saturday, May 25, 2013


Lana Rebel's one of those few musicians I can think of whose music occupies a completely timeless and gut-level excellence that just kind of reaffirms why you go through the sloggier parts of life. And it's not the most upbeat and cheery stuff either, it's got its darkness and full spectrum of booze-drenched melancholia, joy, sadness and soforth. It just somehow, has that ability to contextualize the rough spots and find some beauty in all of it. Technically, Lana's and Kevin's music is probably closest to country. We refuse to use "A-word" around here. Sort of rhymes with Texarkana. You know. But stopping there is a little like saying "Black Sabbath played metal."  or "Tammy Wynette played country."  "Erkin Koray's a guitar player." Technically correct, but absolutely limiting language. Whatever.

Lana's last band band, before she relocated to Tucson's Saguaro-speckled hills and valley, was the Broken Promises. They put out an excellent record in 2010, I think. It's called "Mistakes We Can Live With"  and it's been on repeat around here since it came out. That one's approaching the couple hundred hours of play mark for our household. Before that, there was the Juanita Family and Friends, and the great set of west coast players who backed her on the All I Need LP. More recently, there's some traditional Mexican tunes, some children's music and talk of opening up a record shop in Tucson. She's been teamed up with guitar player/singer Kevin May Mayfield who might've been a Burrito Brother were it 30 years earlier. Kevin adds a partner and  player who brings even more depth to the tunes. We like it all. We're completely excited, proud, and yes, stoked to have Miss Lana Rebel and Kevin May Mayfield up here for TFXII. It's been too many years, five in fact, since a Total Fest's had the pleasure of a Miss Lana Rebel set.

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