Thursday, May 16, 2013



It's a name that we've been hearing for a while now. The Baltimore trio has been steadily garnering attention and praise (apparently, aside from one silly ass dude who seems stuck under some Big Black-Steve Albini rock). They've released a few recordings, and, in 2012, (Total bros and sisters) Sleeping Giant Glossolalia released Spaces Tangled. I plead some ignorance about this band. I'd heard the rumblings and listened to a few tracks from their 2010 S/T, but it wasn't until I saw the SGG's release last year that I did some more legwork, which basically meant hanging out on Multicult's bandcamp for about an hour. 

If Multicult is anything, it certainly isn't background music. Mulcult pieces together solid noise-rock jams with elements ranging from mathy / jazzy beats to straight-up abrupt hardcore. The record pushes up against abrasive, yet it doesn't sacrifice rhythm. The songs get stuck in your head, clawing and shredding your cochlear labyrinth, and leaving you in a blissful trance. In ways, Multicult feels paired down, but the trio offers awesomely constructed songs that allow for each component (drums, guitar, vocals, bass) to tangle around each other but without any of the sounds eclipsing the others. 

It's really very pleasing

Chaotic and technical at the same time, Multicult is infectious and overwhelming in their ability to split open tonal spaces and fill them with a technically sound blunt force.


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