Wednesday, May 15, 2013


For the synesthetes, consider pouring a well-shaken snot-green, piss-yellow, and vomit-pink cocktail down the front of your shirt. Now imagine tearing the shirt off and wringing it out into the mouth of your bff. The look on your besty’s face is about half as good as Solid Attitude. Refreshing, no? 

If this description has left you feeling cynical: I am a shitty music journalist, sorey. I admit it: no amount of adjective-abuse will do a band that used to be called Viking Fuck (!) proper justice.

No? Try again, you say? Try harder? Ok, let's see if this works. 

Solid Attitude is shit-hot, arty, weird, and energetic as all get out. But it’s their singer, Mickey Shaw, that takes this, uh, birthday cake--which would otherwise “just” be awesome--and puts fucking awesome icing all over the top of it. Like all celebratory confections, the nuances are what make them so special, and every little squeal, sneer, or sob from Shaw is a little loving curlicue of frosting on my crappy simile’s inability to accurately describe it. I have, like, no clue what he’s saying, but the inflection and the idiosyncrasies of his half Darby Crash/half tattling neighbor kid splat (these may be exactly the same thing) are the sweet and sticky. This is, I believe, what is commonly referred to as ‘motivated selling.’   

Lucky for you, you don’t have to wait until TOTAL FEST to find out if I’m totally full of it (cake is what I’m full of, fyi). Their excellent record, BB GUN PICNIC,  is currently available for download at bandcamp (or check the tune out below). Clocking in at just under 20 minutes, it goes by pretty fast, but it’s just long enough that you can listen to it around 72 times in a day.