Friday, May 10, 2013


If one were to lift the lid on a certain toilet in a certain scuzzy bathroom in a house on Fifth Street, one would see a Burn Burn Burn sticker. These Tacoma punks have already made their mark, so to speak, on Missoula, and the fellas are coming back for their very first visit to Total Fest.
If you'd like a dose of fast chords, raw vocals and whoa-oh-oh choruses, Burn Burn Burn will be your jam. I would say smarter things, maybe, but all I remember from Burn's visit to the VFW last fall was having a ridiculous evening. Beer was spilled. Dudes took their shirts off. Burn "did it with the lights on" in one of the oddest extended jokes ever.
Burn has also recorded a 7-inch split with Buddy Jackson, and perhaps that will wind its way here by August!
Check out Burn's tunes on Bandcamp.

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